Monday, March 8, 2021

Sunday Funday

 We shoved Slow Down Sunday off to the side and opted for a true Sunday Funday. Well, for some of us. I had a virtual show Sunday evening, which meant I needed to get my shit together for the week ahead early. Hubs took the minis and dog to parks, while I did the prep at home as the warm breeze blew through the open windows. It was lovely and one of the few times I've had to the house to myself in the last year! Other than that, we made time for one of our favorite coffee shops and their pastries and grilling asparagus and bratwursts for dinner. It marked our first grill of the year and we did it in front of the dog, who is now obsessed and won't leave the back deck because that's where the grill is. 

Getting ready for the homeschool week with lesson planning, printing, a white chocolate mocha, and 1/2 of a cinnamon roll and 1/2 of a strawberry turnover. Both were delicious.

The minis had hoped to go back to Riverview Park (read about that park here), but they said it was way too crowded. They walked up the bike trail to McHenry park. McHenry has a new natural playground that had very few people. They were disappointed to miss out on one of their favorite parks, but I can't say I'm surprised the parks were crowded as it was such a gorgeous day!

While I read my short story, the minis were enthralled with Oprah's Harry and Meghan special (they have been looking forward to it all week). This worked out well because the lighting in my office was off, so I felt it was best to use the mini's homeschool room in the basement. This would all be fine and dandy, except that this room is NOT sound proof at all (my office is). I worried about them stomping around and it being heard by the audience, but thankfully it all went well!  

I feel as though Slow Down Sunday should still be a thing for us, but I also know us! With the warmer weather coming, we prefer to be out and about, exploring and experiencing.