Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Margo Frankel Woods + At Home


We took a break from our Tour of State Parks for several reasons. The minis have placed an importance on the NCAA Tournament and requested to be home to watch the games. We couldn't pass up a weekend not hiking though, so we chose to hike close to home with friends Saturday morning.The rest of the weekend we spent at home, watching basketball, playing basketball, family meals, board games, prepping for our busy week ahead, and even a little bit of shopping. 

Saturday morning we attempted to grab donuts at Hiland Bakery, but decided to wait for donuts until after our hike when we were greeted with a line down the street! We met friends at Margo Frankel Woods for our first time visiting this county park. Overall, I was surprised by this park. Last spring, we tried to hike there, but the park was closed. This spring, the gates were open and the park wasn't crowded at all. We did a 2 mile trail within the park, but the trails weren't well marked. We saw several side trails, but weren't sure where they led to. At one point, we followed a trail that turned out to not be a trail at all. Luckily we weren't far from the actual trail and we made our way back, thanks to the woods still being bare from winter. It was a great little area, but I couldn't imagine us spending an entire day there.

The tree roots took me by surprise--they looked like carrots!

Donuts and coffee after hiking. The dog was confused as to why he couldn't go in, then he saw another dog and didn't understand why I wasn't letting them play (on a busy city street), then he was disturbed we didn't offer him what was in our box. My genius husband grabbed a dozen donuts: one for a mid-day treat and one for breakfast tomorrow for all of us! Yes, I totally let my children eat donuts for lunch. Also, don't skip their coffee. It's fantastic!

When we arrived home, the dog crashed, the kids watched Falcon and Winter Soldier, and I got some writing time in. Then, I decided it was time for Mexican. I went from writing and coffee, to to-go margaritas and basketball. Thankfully, my family is game for my ideas and cravings.

After a round of family basketball, we FINALLY dug out the Easter bins from storage. Of course, we couldn't find ALL of the bins, so I decided it was easiest to go buy new Easter eggs and crafts for daycare. I was able to make brand new sensory bins, stock up the mud kitchen with dirt, and get all new plastic eggs with this haul. The minis liked the hula hoops the best and spent the weekend in the driveway, barefoot, playing basketball and hula hooping.

We had TONS of hawks in our neighborhood. They circle in pairs and each pair circle certain areas of the 'hood. We haven't been able to figure out what they're after.

"Mom, did we hear a bag rustle? Did you open something?" They both watch my mouth to see if it's moving. Other than this, these two don't get along.

A round of Des Moines Opoly turned into a before bed game and a during brunch game the next morning. 

Sunday is an important prep day for us. We clean the entire house (focusing on daycare and school areas first), we get everything ready (sensory bins ready to play with, printing worksheets done, pages marked in books to read, and final touches to lesson plans), and we cap off every Sunday with a family dinner. 

The kids got to play with cousins outside at Grandma and Grandpa Sheaffer's. They came home sweaty, happy, and famished. This was the first time they've gotten to play with cousins since last January. To say they were thrilled to be together is an understatement! The kids each ate two steaks (they were small filets, but they definitely out-ate me!), couscous, and asparagus....and then went right back outside to play. We LOVE warmer weather!

We're attempting to make a plan for next weekend since it's going to be in the 70's! Of course, it's also Easter weekend, so we won't have time to head out of town, but we'll come up with something.