Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday's Favorite Moments of the Week


I often post a my favorite things, but this week needed a different kind of favorites. Instead of things, I'm featuring the week's best moments. There's been many of them as this was a BIG week in our household: my 37th birthday, me being completely vaccinated against Covid, our 13th wedding anniversary, and my 10th daycare anniversary, as well as me getting ready for my virtual stage debut in Expressing Motherhood. That's a lot of amazing things all happening in the same week!

1.) I swear Fruity Pebbles cake isn't as weird as it sounds. I love seeing the boys in the kitchen. I love that they baked daycare's 10th anniversary cake.

2.) Playing inside. I scrambled to do a toy rotation Tuesday evening before daycare returned Wednesday. It was well worth it! I've watched the kids play all week with each other in some fantastic role playing scenes!

3.) Family moments at the end of a busy day.

4.) The backyard melted and was open for playing this week! Muddy, but so much fun!

5.) When I wrote this post earlier in the week, I had no idea how many people I'd connect with. Friends, strangers, people I haven't heard from in years all contacted me to share stories over a vaccine. It was empowering and a great reminder of why I do what I do with this blog.

6.) Doing my make up multiple days in a row. I may go big and use blush next weekend.

7.) Sitting on a Zoom rehearsal with a group of women I'd never met, but who were all empowering, supportive, and positive. [this is pictured above and also shows off my make up. Not that my make up looks wonderful, it's simply proof that I had a little bit on!]

8.) This naughty puppy, who (all within one day) ate an entire cake, ate the kid's play dough, puked up the cake and play dough, chased birds out of the yard, jumped out of our backyard, wouldn't come home when called and then ran away from me when I got close to grab him, and chewed on a chair leg. He's cute, keeps life fresh, and is still the best, troublesome pup ever. We love him. 

9.) A new play dough recipe: whipped frosting, powdered sugar, and food coloring. The playroom smelled sweet all week and the kids spent hours playing with it!