Monday, March 22, 2021

NCAA Tournament Has Taken Over Our Life


Yelling at the TV because someone on the team she doesn't want got a foul. After a weekend of basketball games, we discovered on Monday she didn't know what a foul was!

I have many memories of spring break growing up and most of them involve the NCAA tournament. I distinctly remember a few spring breaks spent in Arizona while the games blared across several TV's of my aunt and uncle's house. I spent my time in their pool, not paying any attention to the games. There was one spring break my boyfriend (now husband) and I went to Chicago and somehow booked the same hotel all of the players were staying at. I didn't watch a single game that time either, but I definitely congratulated a player from a team who didn't win (oops) while riding in the elevator together.

Even with three kids, we haven't ever paid attention to the tournament. Of course, pandemic times are a bit different. We find ourselves trying many different things and even enjoying them. When my dad asked if we would like to fill out brackets for our family's NCAA pool, my husband and all three minis jumped at the chance. They were soooo excited picking the teams. Their dad even let them help him place a couple of bets (via Draftkings Sportsbook).

At 37, the NCAA tournament has now taken over my life. I have watched every game thus far, although I can't tell you who won unless it's on my son's bracket. We went hiking on Saturday and didn't have cell reception for almost two hours. Apparently, that can destroy an almost thirteen year old's life during the tournaments. I had to console that same child this afternoon when Iowa lost their game and his "bracket is completely ruined! There's nothing left." That child also requested Sonic's new Oreo ice cream sundae to make him feel better. Thanks to all those commercials during the games.

I guess that's my life the rest of the tournament. Constantly checking scores on our phones if we're not near a TV, listening to the games on our phones, and switching channels between games. I don't plan on filling out my own bracket anytime ever, but my children have all asked me to help them research teams for their brackets next year. It looks like we quickly became an NCAA family.

Intently watching the games. If I spoke to loud during a game when one of their teams were playing, I was told, "ssshhhhh!"

I had to make the Iowa game part of our homeschool/daycare day. They finished up their school work quickly and are now back to watching another game.

There were tears when Iowa lost. Quivering lip and all.