Sunday, March 28, 2021

Easter Gift Ideas For The Family

Alright parents, there's one week left to get yourself together and grab gifts for Easter baskets. We tend to not fill their baskets with candy, but admittedly, we/I go overboard on toys and other gifts. The children consider Easter one of the big gift giving holidays, with Christmas and their birthdays being the others. I have not broken it to them that their birthdays are not in fact holidays. We usually give them all of their spring and summer wardrobe for Easter, so it seems like they get a lot. I call that a mom hack, since they're getting things they'll need for the next several months. 

If you're looking for toys to fill their baskets, take a look at my favorites, from baby to teen:






Bigger items/Items for everyone:

Looking at past Easter pictures and I realized two of the three minis are wearing Christmas jammies on Easter morning!