Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Damn Ads Got Me

Sonic's Oreo cookie dough sundae

I can't say I've ever watched commercials and thought, "hey, I must have Progressive now" or "we really should switch cell phone providers." I usually don't pay attention to commercials much at all. My children do though. During the elections, they could repeat campaign ads. However, this time, the damn ads got me. Call me a sucker, but all of those Sonic ads during the NCAA tournament did it. Maybe it was the combinations of Iowa's loss, the minis taking the loss hard, or the rainy weather. Maybe it was that I didn't feel like getting dinner ready. Whatever it was, I caved. I sent my husband and two boys to get the Oreo cookie dough ice cream from Sonic. I have zero regrets. 

We ate ice cream before dinner. It was wonderful. I even had them grab me a cherry limeade because how can you even call it a trip to Sonic if you don't get one? Did those commercials make us a lifelong Sonic customer for their ice cream? Likely not. But it was great for a Monday night.

The boys got the Oreo cookie cough blast, while the rest of us go tthe sundaes. In case you were wondering, the cherry limeade was spot on AND gave me the boost I needed to get dinner ready.