Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Anniversary No. 13

Arches National Park, February 2020

I'll be honest, we didn't celebrate our anniversary this year. I received my second Covid vaccination dose and it kicked my ass. Anything I had planned flew out the window. Instead of sipping our favorite drinks, I sipped a Gatorade he picked up on his way home from work. I don't have a lot to say about our marriage or anniversary. Thankfully, despite varying views on the pandemic, how to handle things, and comfort levels, our extended time together hasn't torn us apart. It hasn't brought us closer together either. Instead, it's given us time to grow in our own ways and has taught us to greater respect each other for who we are as individuals. 

I wrote something last year on a picture I posted on Instagram. The picture is of us hiking through Arches National Park. February 29, 2021 marked 13 years of marriage of us (of course, there was no February 29th this year). It's been a hell of a year between our 12th and 13th anniversaries, but what I wrote a year ago is very true and is an honest reflection of ou marriage:

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary (or 3rd, depending on how you count the leap year wedding). I would be lying if I said every day of the last 12 years we've loved each other. Hell, I'd be lying if I said we loved each other every day for the past 12 days. But we've stuck together. As friends, partners in crime, someone to get mad at when things go awry, and someone to share in life's highest highs and lowest lows. I don't believe in soul mates, but I do believe we are a good balance for each other (most days). Marriage isn't easy, marriage isn't always fun, but being with someone who makes you laugh during those times is key. I didn't come here for a sappy anniversary post, because I already high fived him at midnight, but as a place to put this picture that sums up our marriage. He pushed for a couples trip, I rolled my eyes and agreed. I pushed for an insane day hiking arches and canyons, he rolled his eyes and agreed. And we've wound up with a spectacular trip, tiring trip. A little bit of shoving, a little bit of pushing back, and a lot of compromising.

Happy 13th Anniversary to the one who doesn't bat an eye when I tell him I'm doing a virtual play or that I'd like to go camping on the beach with three kids and a puppy (okay, he did roll his eyes at that one and then proceeded to get me a car topper for my birthday to carry all of our camping gear). I'd list a bunch of goals for the year for us, but let's be real, if the last year taught us anything it's to let go of our plans and let life lead us. We'll find a way to enjoy the ride no matter what.