Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Covid Style Birthdays


Covid-style birthdays involve a lot of outside time. 

We are now experts at Covid-style birthdays. We realize it could be awhile before we fully celebrate birthdays normally with people, so we make do with what we can do safely. We do small get togethers, fully masked, spend as much time as possible outdoors, eat separately from others since we can't eat with masks on, and all of that fun stuff that we didn't really think about a year ago. 

I enlisted the boys to help with gifts and dessert. Max painted grandpa a football jersey and Harrison finally got to make strawberry shortcake cupcakes (he's had the recipe ready to go for at least a month!). Then, we got to celebrate with basketball, three large dogs, a remote control car, a few rounds of hide n' seek, and enough partying to make all five of us fall into bed before 10 p.m.

He had to make two batches of cupcakes because the first batch stuck to the pan. He and dad got a lesson in how important remembering to spraying the pan is!

The finished product. I stupidly failed to get a good picture of the cupcakes, but they looked awesome and tasted even better! 

The dogs "helped" play basketball.

Taking a break from playing hide n' seek. This was AFTER she hid in the bedroom and my mom and I were in there speaking about what we were getting them for their Easter baskets. So, now she knows everything she's getting....and she didn't say a word or make a noise while she was hiding inches away from us!