Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Headed Back Out Into the World


Out in the world at a state park, fall 2020. Most of our To Do List is visiting state parks so we can remain socially distanced from others.

It seems bizarre to write, but how do I know we're ready to head back out into the world? In the last couple of weeks, I've bought tickets to socially distanced, outdoor events, planned a couple of road trips, and even made a To Do List for spring and summer. Is it too soon? I am too hopeful? What if we're not ready?

Each year, as the weather warms and my soul comes out of hibernation, typically the first thing I crave is to have a drink on a patio with friends. While I had that thought this week, I was also overcome by the powerful feeling of wanting to do more. I still question many things thanks to the last year, but I also feel like we're ready for more. I should say, carefully and calculated type of ready. 

As I make more plans, as our to do list grows, I keep in mind that I am the only one vaccinated. We're still a risk to others and my other family members are still at risk of bringing Covid into our home, which can greatly affect my business and our jobs. This is such a personal decision, everyone has various comfort levels. I can talk about my feelings all I want to friends, but it's nothing someone else can help me/us decide. My comfort level could be beyond someone else's and someone else's comfort level could be beyond mine. Thankfully, I have many friends who just sit and listen, help me problem solve without putting their own opinions or feelings into it. That can be hard to manage right now. Believe me, I know how lucky I am to have such people in my corner. They've gotten me/us through this last year.

I am completely over the moon to head to Chicago to visit a friend and her new baby (who isn't even new anymore) for a weekend in May. Somehow, we plan on being in America's third largest city and doing outdoor activities and take out only. That could prove challenging. I'm cautiously planning a road trip to the beach. Exactly where will be determined by Covid cases at travel time, but I guess I'll be doing a crash course in camping on the beach with three kids and a dog. In related news, homeschool and the teacher will be learning how to set up tents next month in....I don't know what class to put it in. Family and Consumer Sciences? Gym class? Anyway, I think time in a houseboat is in order for late August. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the Hub's 40th birthday. On a lake, on the boarder of the U.S. and Canada (that we likely won't be able to enter yet), with no one else around. Socially distanced trips will be our thing for a long while.

I find myself looking forward to this summer much more than last. I have hopes of actually going to a swimming pool, sitting on a patio or two, and gathering with a few friends and select family members outdoors, with plenty of space between us. I suppose this is what our world will look like. Hopefully. I think everyone's mental health needs this.