Saturday, March 20, 2021

Spring Break 2021

On a break from school work, playing with her doll and a doll bean bag chair her Grandma Sheaffer made her.

This sure was an unusual spring break! It wasn't busy, my kids still had school, and it was quiet. There was no spring break trip (we're hopeful that will come later this spring) and no extra kids and parents in and out of the house. No, this was a Covid times spring break. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day (read about that epic day here) and the rest of the week was fairly tame. The minis got to play at the creek for a day with friends too. There's no pictures of that because the only pictures they took are of a dead deer they discovered ("with blood dripping from it's nose") and a blurry picture of a beaver they scared while moving branches (probably the beaver's home). So there's that. Pretty much, it was a weird spring break.

Monday morning was tiring apparently. The only beings awake at 8:30 a.m. were myself and the middle mini! They woke up enough to build with Legos for a bit before doing a little bit of schoolwork.

"Look! It's an Oreo!"

Tuesday nap time. Again, exhausted.

The school room became Barbie and Lego craziness for a couple of days.

Coloring sheets while singing country music and NCAA tournaments. That was my life this week.