Thursday, March 25, 2021

Shit I have To Text Parents


A text I had to send to parents once upon a time. There's so many interesting things to happen in our days!

In the latest, Shit I Have To Text Parents edition, we had a state wide tornado drill Wednesday morning. Since we were already doing a tornado drill, we took the time to discuss our fire drill procedures and our lockdown procedures. There were A LOT of questions and concerns, such as: which sidewalk is our meeting place? The sidewalk in front of the neighbor's house or the "across the street sidewalk?" All legitament questions, but I also assumed the kids would think to go the sidewalk DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE. I was clearly mistaken.

Then there was the issue of what happens if all of the exits are blocked? We move to the windows, I replied cheerily. They were horrified I would possibly break the screen of the window. I guess we're overlooking by that point the house is pretty much destroyed by a fire, so the screen seems pretty trivial. But whatever. 

We wrapped the discussion up, the kids went back to playing, and I began lunch. That's when I overheard a child say (as they played), "let's pretend that the daycare house is on fire and we have to leave the house." Great. After all of that, what they took away from our drills and discussions: "Ashlen's daycare house will be on fire." 

My text and pick up conversations went like this: My house was at no point on fire today. I told the kids we should not look out the windows if we hear the tornado sirens. We need to stop, listen for directions, and go to the basement. The kids were curious about what they should do if I die in any of the above scenarious. I danced around this question, but pretty much, the dog is in charge I guess. Also, the kids were a bit miffed that the sirens were going off and they couldn't see a storm out the windows. They've been talking all day about fires, storms, and lockdowns. Have a good night!

Luckily, I've been at this long enough that I KNEW I must text/speak to parents about the day's activities because I can only imagine the calls I would have gotten if I didn't! At the end of the day (and still today), the only thing to do is laugh at the absurdity of it all! I have no idea what my life would look like without daycare, but there's no way it would be this entertaining.