Monday, March 2, 2015

31st Birthday Week

I don't limit my birthday to just one day, I celebrate for a whole week and then some. My 31st birthday was made extra special by holding my first book party for my first published book! Here are a few highlights from my 31st birthday week:

Started off Birthday Week with mimosas and brunch with my family.

My favorite ice cream: Daiquiri ice from Baskin Robbins.
A Sunday afternoon nap with my cuddle kitties.
I got to run errands my myself not once, but twice in one week! Of course, my kids benefited big time.
A manicure and one of my new fave drinks.
I did a little birthday shopping just for me! New clothes, mugs, and goodies filled my bags.

We tried out Glazed Expressions ( for the first time and loved it! We made a candle and painted a plate. Definitely check this place out. I wasn't sure what to expect with the kids in tow but they were great and it wound up being a great experience for all of us. An even bigger bonus: we got a great Groupon deal that saved us some serious cash.

We chose the Birthday Cake scent for our candle. Once she poured it onto the wax pieces, the entire studio smelled like Birthday Cake!
This might be my most favorite plate we'll ever own.
I spent a full night making slime and play dough for the book party. The slime came out great.
Breakfast in bed with homemade strawberry pancakes, orange juice, and coffee. I was woken up a tad early, so after breakfast I went back to bed for another hour. It was heaven!
Birthday snuggles in bed.
Champagne cake from The Bake Shoppe ( It was awesome!
I held my first book party on my birthday at the Franklin Avenue Library. It was a great turn out and the kids had a ton of fun. The slime was a hit! I look forward to more events to come as the books start rolling out!

Dinner at one of my faves with a few of my faves around the table. 
 Birthday week flows right into Anniversary Week! Hubs and I were married 2/29, but celebrate every year on March 1st (unless it's a Leap Year, then we do it up big!). March 1st is also the day that I opened my daycare in 2011. Two big weeks of celebrating every year!
 We had hoped to go to one of our favorite brunches at Django, but wound up at Perkins. I honestly can't complain at all because Perkins has my favorite muffin (Peaches n' cream) and is very kid friendly.

 Then we did some errand running at Target, where I unexpectedly bought the daycare a new trampoline. It got excellent approval ratings and surprisingly, doesn't take up a ton of space.

We ended our weekend, my Birthday Week, and beginning of our Anniversary Week, with our new favorite family show (as Max deemed it) "Once Upon A Time." The minis were so excited for the spring premiere!

I love that my birthday week consists of everyone and everything that I love most. I may need to create a Half Birthday Week for myself!