Thursday, March 19, 2015

Flower Shop Day

 We used our 80 degree day during spring break to turn the patio into a Flower Shop! It was a great day to enjoy the sun, get creative, and play with friends!

 We put our farmer's market play stand to use as a flower sale stand. I put out two cash registers, a telephone, and a bowl of pennies so the kids could "pay" for the flowers they picked out. The kids took turned being the cashier, coming up with prices for the flowers, and counting out their money. I love play that promotes learning, sharing, taking turns, and growing imaginations all at once!

 All flowers, pots, and plastic vases were found at Dollar Tree.

 The kids planted flower seeds in plastic cups to grow in a sunny window. We did this last year and the kids LOVED watering their flowers each day and watching them grow. We also talked about how flowers grow and what they need to grow.

 Eventually, the kids took the flowers and planted a "garden" in the muddy yard.

The kids colored big roses that I drew on poster board and cut out.