Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week In Review: March 2 - March 6

Another busy week of daycare is complete! We started off the week with another Dr. Seuss theme day to celebrate his birthday, we celebrated the 4th anniversary of the daycare, and we ended our week with an Animal Day. Here's a quick look at our week:

 A few of the kids got their winter energy out by jumping on the trampoline. A few of the kids were very unsure of it and chose to watch instead. The kids are still learning the rules of the trampoline (one person at a time, you must hold onto the bar, no toys or shoes on the trampoline, etc.), but overall did a good job of taking turns and cheering each other on.

We celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday with green eggs and reading A LOT of Dr. Seuss books. 

We celebrated the daycare's 4th anniversary with strawberry cupcakes.

An impromptu shaving cream experiment (that didn't work out very well) turned into very messy, but fun shaving cream play. We experimented with colors: what happens when you mix red and blue? Yellow and blue? All of the colors together? 

 Mega bowling in the living room.

 The kids made hatching chicks! 
 Harrison ready to go for his Wacky Wednesday at school! Pajama pants, a shirt that's inside out, hair uncombed, and mismatching pretty much another typical day for him.
 Hubs and I did a Tour of Restaurants in Des Moines to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.
 Animal Day! The kids played with all things animals, set up their own zoo, pretended to be animals, had veggie trays and watched "The Lion King," and played a new game: Animal Dominoes (found in Target's dollar spot).

Next week we'll be in full St. Patrick's Day mode and the best part: LOTS of muddy outside time!!