Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week In Review: March 23 - March 27

 This daycare week seemed very quiet and calm compared to last week's busy week (read more on that here). We did a few Easter themed crafts, did our usual story times, play time, counting time, snacks, and meals. The kids spent a lot of time playing Hide N' Seek and building with Duplos. We worked hard on table manners, not interrupting our friends, and keeping hands to ourselves. 

Here's a brief look at a few of the highlights from the week:

 Elizabeth has been boycotting naps lately. I heard a noise in her room when I thought she was sleeping. I walked in to find her like this.

 Max picked out a cook book from the school's library this week. He wrote down a list of recipes he wanted to try out and spent his spare time cooking after school.

 The younger kids didn't completely understand how to paint their pictures, but most of the older kids figured it out. We've done these before and I really don't recommend them for kids under the age of 5 (maybe 4).

 Cookie cutter paintings-purple butterflies and white jumping bunnies.

 The kids used Do A Dot markers to decorate egg shapes.

 I found these wooden Easter theme door hangers in the dollar spot at Target. They came with paints, but I had the kids use markers because as I learned the hard way, the paints that are usually packaged with such activities, are not the most washable of paints.

Playing ice creams hop with the Duplos. Check out this set for creative building fun.

 Last week, the kids and I painted Easter salt dough ornaments. I finally got around to hanging them up this week!

 The kids wanted a race track and weren't satisfied with any of the race tracks I had. So they got creative and made their own!

 Painted Easter eggs. 

 We have a small rubber Easter bunny that the kids been playing Find The Bunny (much like hide n' seek, but one child hides the bunny and the other kids find it) with the past couple of weeks. The bunny was tore apart by little hands so the kids started playing hide n' seek. It was pretty entertaining to see 2-4 year old versions of how hide n' seek is played!

Painted egg shapes with Crayola Neon paint.

Next week will be a short week, but we'll be quite busy with our daycare Easter party and egg hunt, playing in the backyard, and doing the last of our Easter crafts and activities.