Monday, March 23, 2015

Week In Review: March 16 - March 20

It was a BUSY daycare week! The big kids were home from school on spring break, so there were a few extra kids running around. We may have had a full house, but we managed a lot of fun: Flower Shop Day (read more here), St. Patty's Day party, pajama/movie theater day, and a Beach Day (read more here).
Here's a look at our week:

Flower Shop Day was tons of fun! The kids mostly enjoyed planting their own garden in the muddy yard and enjoying the 80 degree day.

A Leprechaun came and hid plastic gold coins (found at Michael's) all around the house! The kids went on a coin hunt during our St. Patrick's Day party.

Our St. Patrick's sensory table became our spring sensory table! (Read more about our sensory table here).

Green pancakes for breakfast on St. Patty's Day!

I had the kids color paper plates, cut the middle out of the plate, and put St. Patrick's Day stickers on green pop bottles. Then they played ring toss with them. However, they called the game "Hot Bottle" so naturally, no parent s had any idea what they actually played!

St. Patrick's Day was one big party! We listened to bagpipes, danced Irish jigs, did St. Patty's crafts, played games, and had a fun day. 

Shamrock tattoos (found at Michael's).

                                  Rainbow cupcakes and fruit tray for snacks.

The lovely sign Hubs made for the front door with the window markers.

Using Crayola Window Markers, the only brand of window markers I trust because they easily wipe off of wood work, carper, couches, and kid's faces!

We turned the living room into a movie theater! Complete with popcorn (bags found at Dollar Tree), special Easter cups to drink their water, and an extra special surprise of getting to eat their lunch in their movie seats!

Easter bunny grilled cheese.

The kids got creative and worked together to perfect their "animal playground" made from Crystal Climbers.

                     Beach Day was a total blast! Read more about the fun here.

The kids got creative building a "castle racetrack" for the Little People with the jumbo blocks. Our two favorite sets are Melissa and Doug cardboard blocks and a Color Your Own set.

The kids ended their week running around the backyard playing Find The Coins (coins were from the St. Patrick's Day party). After kids left and mine were in bed, I ended my week with a cold one, basketball, and relaxing!

It may have been a busy week and I was exhausted, but I'm definitely going to miss having the big kids around until summer. This next week, I'll try to enjoy how quiet the house will seem without the extra littles running around, enjoying Easter activities and books, and hopefully getting in some outdoor time!