Friday, March 27, 2015

Love With Food in Kansas City

This post is sponsored by Love With Food.  All opinions are my own.
After one of the coldest winters I remember, my little family was ready to get out of town and spend some more time outside for spring break!  We decided to head about three-hours south to Kansas City for some shopping and a couple museums in the 75-degree sunshine.  Our family has been more mindful of our meals and snacks lately, and I certainly didn't want our getaway to turn into meal after meal of fast food.  Sure, burgers at Five Guys was on the itinerary, but we needed convenient healthy snacks for in the hotel and car. 
When the folks at Love With Food reached out, they certainly piqued my interest.  A monthly snack shipment full of natural or organic goodies sounded great; but the real icing on the cake was how they pay it forward.  For each box delivered each month, Love With Food provides a meal to a hungry child in the US.  Food insecurity effects 16.2 million kids in our country, or one out of five children.  As of today, Love With Food has donated over 400,000 meals to food banks and has no plans to stop until they've ended world hunger.
Before packing up the car Wednesday, my teenager and I were excited to open our shipment and I couldn't believe how much they fit in that small box!  If we had stopped at the grocery or convenience store, we easily would have spent $15-20 to replicate everything in our $10 box!  Plus these were much healthier options!

With multiples of a few items, we knew these goodies were the perfect snacks to share on our trip.  Over the next few days we tried the sweet and crunchy Cookie Chips, the not too sweet/not too salty Kettle Corn, the dried figs, granola, and the chocolate goodies.  There were sweet items, salty items, and savory; no matter your preferences, there was something for each of us in this box.  Many of the items were the perfect size for sharing and would keep well in the car for quick snacks for young kids.  Plus the 30-meal Rachel Ray cook book they included was perfect reading material for me as the passenger.
The awesome folks over at Love With Food want to hook you up with a FREE box, all you have to pay is $2 shipping and handling! 
Use discount code FLICKA or this link to redeem!  But hurry, this is a limited time offer!