Sunday, March 22, 2015

Beach Day

The weather turned chilly again here in Iowa, but we kept things warm inside with Beach Day! We played with sand in the kitchen, played with water beads, made hand print fish, had a beach picnic in the living room, and had the most fun of all playing beach volley ball!

 "Surfin' U.S.A." Pretending to surf while listening "The Beach Boys" on Pandora.

 Being sharks in the ocean.

 The kids love Kinetic Sand! Our favorite set is one like this, but it comes with several different colors of sand (we bought our's at Target for $35). I also scored shimmering purple Kinetic sand (like this) that the kids thought was "so cool!"

 The best game of "living room over the couch beach volleyball" I've ever witnessed!

 The kids were very excited to try out the Ugli fruit for snack.

 Lunch on beach towels in the living room while they watched The Little Mermaid.

 Our fish craft for the day. The glitter paint didn't show up well, but the kids insisted on using it.

Water beads and sea creatures in the water table.
The only thing the kids were disappointed about was the lack of swimming on Beach Day. They went as far as requesting an indoor swimming pool for next time! This was a fun day to warm up with while the kids were disappointed with the chilly day outdoors. I particularly loved all of the imagination and pretend play (such as being sharks on the floor) the kids brought to the day.