Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Exploring the Des Moines Riverwalk

We spent our Sunday Family Fun morning (the afternoon was spent at a birthday party) strolling along the Des Moines Riverwalk in downtown and playing at the newest park. The park is made to look like a fishing pole and has swings. My minis used the slick sided bobber to climb and slide down, so I suppose you could say there's slides too. 

It takes a few tries to get an okay picture of the three of them.

We checked out the Chinese gardens on the east side of the river.

One of Hubs and I taking a breather at the birthday party while the kids ran around.

Our Family Fun Days will be taking place indoors for the next few months as colder weather re-enters our lives. A few things on our list: the Discovery Center at the Blank Park Zoo, the science center, skywalk running, Barnes and Noble (they have a small play area and endless books to choose from), and a night at the water park hotel. So much fun planned in the coming weeks!