Friday, November 21, 2014

Daycare's Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Last year we did a mini Thanksgiving feast ( to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year we tried out "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." To prepared, we watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and read the book. We talked about what the kids were going to eat and what we were thankful for (our theme for the month of November).

The kids were beyond excited and thrilled (and a bit shocked) that I was letting them eat popcorn, jellybeans, pretzels, toast, and ice cream for a snack!

This is actually suppose to be a tablecloth but it wouldn't fit on all of the tables. I knew that if it wasn't under each child's plate equally there'd be meltdowns. So it became our Thanksgiving poster. The kids colored it before our feast.

Plates and napkins bought at Target.

Before the kids dug in, we went around and shared what we were thankful for. Every child looked down at their plate and said "I'm thankful for ice cream!"

The best part of this was when the kids made the connection between what they were eating and "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." When they first saw their plates and started talking: "there's popcorn, jelly beans, pretzels....Hey! This is what Charlie Brown ate too!!" Even though we talk and talk about things, it's always priceless to see their reactions when they make the connection themselves.

The kids loved having a just for kids type Thanksgiving. Next year we may make it into more of a party and play some Thanksgiving games too. We have so much fun with our holiday activities here at daycare that we're constantly thinking about "the next time!"