Friday, November 28, 2014

Week In Review: November 25 and 26

Short, short week with Harrison's conferences taking a day and the Thanksgiving holiday. The day before Thanksgiving is usually my busiest day all year long, but this year it was a relatively light and easy day. It was also a very fun day--the kids and I cooked my very first Thanksgiving feast!

Take a look at our two day daycare week:

I had Monday off for big H's conferences. It was a relatively productive day....until I dropped a dozen muffins as I was taking them out of the oven. My productivity level shot down and I spent the rest of the day rotating toys.

The minis LOVE the new dress up area and get quite creative with their costume choices.

The Duplo train has been well loved these past few cold weeks. Thanks to lots of indoor time, all of the kids have perfected their building skills.

Crafting with colored pencils and project scissors.
Using up the last of the Thanksgiving stickers (foam turkeys and leaves found in the Target dollar section, stickers found on clearance at Walmart).
The kids did Mayflower boat experiments and races. First they raced by blowing the cups from England to America. Then we discovered how much the cups could hold: first with Little People pilgrims and then with coins.

Of course someone wound up in the water, making a huge mess.
Pumpkin play dough.
The kids were in charge of making the fruit salad They eagerly watched me make the turkey and mashed potatoes while they decorated their table cloth.
We made Christmas Tree Christmas Lists while we waited for the food. Learn how to make yours here:
The table all set!
The kids gave their approval for our new winter snow sensory bin. Most of it ended up on the floor, which means we had to remake it.
The youngest mini has just awesome style: plaid capri pants, a white polka dot dress, and lip gloss.

Next week we'll be starting in on our Christmas crafts, playing with the Christmas sensory bin, baking Christmas cookies, and learning our new Christmas songs!