Sunday, November 9, 2014

Max and Mommy Day

I read a fellow mom's blog post about spending time alone with each of her children. This got me instantly thinking 'when was the last time I spent one on one time with each of my children? Like, good quality time?' Sadly, I couldn't remember. We're coming up on one of our busiest times of the year, so I figured now would be great to spend quality, one on one time with my children. 

On Saturday, my oldest mini Max and I spent a few hours together. I let him choose something he wanted to do with me. Max chose to go to Michael's, out for lunch, and grocery shopping. 

Of all of the places I offered to take him, he chose Burger King for lunch. Yuck...but he was happy!

This mini continues to amaze me. I thought for sure he would chose to go downtown, or to his favorite park, or out for a fancy lunch (he has my tastes for sure!). Instead he chose to get new crafts and run errands because he knew I would have things I needed to get done. My favorite moment of the day happened in the last half hour of our Max and Mommy day.
We stopped by the grocery store for bread to make french toast for dinner. It was going to be one of the quickest stops I've made since having kids. As we neared the entrance, we were greeted by volunteers for Combat Hunger ( who handed us a list of items people were in need of. I looked at the list and sighed. We needed to get moving so we could pick up the other two minis before naps. "We'll get this another day," I said to Max as we walked into the store.
Max grabbed the list from me and read it aloud. He stopped walking, crossed his arms, and glared at me "mom! Stop! You feed tons of kids everyday. This will only take a few minutes to get this stuff. Let's feed a few more kids." He promptly grabbed a cart handed me the list. We got our bread and several canned goods to donate.
Not only was I instantly proud of the little boy Max is becoming, but it gives me hope that I'm somehow getting this parenting thing right! Sometimes it takes my six year old to remind me to slow things down in life, stop, take the time to do things for others, and appreciate the things we do have.

I couldn't have asked for a better Max and Mommy Day with my oldest mini!