Friday, November 7, 2014

Best Toy Buy-Kinetic Sand

This stuff is awesome! I bought Kinetic Sand - Sandbox & Molds Activity Set over the summer for my minis to play with while we were on vacation. It feels like beach sand, but sticks together. With winter here and many long days spent inside, I've been saving a new set.

Yesterday we broke it out and the kids played for two hours straight with this stuff!

It's not quite as messy as regular sand since it sticks together a bit better. It did stick to the kiddos feet and socks, but easily washes off. Kinetic sand also sweeps up easily and vacuums out of carpet with no issue at all.

This is a great activity the kids love! If you're looking for a busy time activity for kiddos this winter, I highly suggest getting a set of Kinetic Sand. You can also buy extra packets of sand at Michael's or Target in different colors.

This is not a one time use kind of activity. Seal it up (we use a Sterilite container that latches) after playing and it can be kept for a while. This is a must for the Christmas list!