Wednesday, November 12, 2014

12 Things Moms Really Want For Christmas

1.) A full night's sleep. Make this a night when I don't wake up in the middle of night thinking I hear a kid crying....and the kids are at Grandma's.

2.) To pee alone. Really, just one nice relaxing pee where I can wipe properly is all I ask for.

3.) To take an uninterrupted shower. I don't care if you want another bowl of oatmeal, my leg hair needs attention!

4.) To eat a leisurely, warm meal. If we could add a glass of wine I can sip through the meal, that could count as two gifts.

5.) A maid. I would treat her like royalty for cleaning the inches of dust that has built up on the shelves around my house.

6.) A megaphone. It might be louder than the kids, which means there might be a chance they'll listen.

7.) To wear clean clothes for longer than five minutes. Booger free for five whole minutes would be heaven.

8.) To watch something other than PBS. I've learned how to share, thank you Daniel Tiger.

9.) Sex in the middle of the day. Mom's of no napping kids will totally get this one.

10.) A trip to the grocery store that does not involve chasing after kids or hearing the words "can we get this??" a million and one times. This should be #1.

11.) A personal masseuse. My feet are tired from going 18 hours a day and my back hurts from carrying the four year old who suddenly forgot how to walk.

12.) A babysitter. Takes away the begging aspect when I ask people to take my "sweet angels."