Friday, November 14, 2014

Turkey Crafts

Thanksgiving is two weeks away, which means our days our centered around turkeys. Mostly, making, coloring, painting, and drawing turkeys. Here are a few simple ideas that my two and three year olds loved:

I nabbed these on an end cap at Target a few weeks ago. The kids loved these, but needed quite a bit of help making them. These were really cute because the kids got to tell me what they were thankful for and they LOVED seeing their turkeys all put together.

We used paper plates (I cut the bottom 1/4 off), painted them with paint dabbers, cut out circles from brown construction paper, glued them to the painted plates (once dried), glued on googly eyes, and used leftover foam stickers from the above turkey kits for the beaks. These were simple enough the kids could do them themselves and also challenged their crafting skills a bit with the cutting and gluing. **The two year olds did not use the scissors, I did that part for them.

The kids also painted their own least that's what they told me they painted!

The kids made turkey figurines using these materials (all bought at Michael's for less than $10).
The kids tried, but couldn't get their clay formed into balls for the turkey body and head. I had to do that part for them, but they stuck on the googly eyes and the fuzzy pom pom for the beak (I let them choose the color they used for the beak....I'm very surprised we did not have a purple beaked turkey).

Then the fun part of the project: sticking the feathers in! A few of the younger kids had a hard time figuring out how to stick them in just right, but eventually they all got it. The turkeys turned out so cute too! Bonus: the clay hardened in 24 hours, compared to Model Magic (what we usually use for projects like this) which takes anywhere from 2-5 days to dry out. The only downfall is that the clay somewhat stained the kids hands, but did wear off of their hands by the end of the day.

Dot Marker Turkeys: The kids used Do A Dot Art Marker Rainbow, 6-pack to make their turkeys (again, I cut the bottom 1/4 of a paper plate off). Once the marker dried, the kids cut out circles from brown construction paper, glued on googly eyes, and used the dot markers to make the beak (they needed help with this part).

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