Sunday, November 23, 2014

"I'm Gonna Grow My Own Popcorn"

These were the words my middle child spoke as he stared down at the empty popcorn bowel. At four years old, his world is filled with wonder, questions, and discovery. He picked up a handful of popcorn seeds and rushed over to me "mom! Can we go plant these in the front yard? I want to grow my own popcorn!"

Typically in these situations, I'd ask him "what do you think will happen if we plant them?" I either turn it into a science experiment or I break the news as to why this wouldn't work. However, tonight I smiled, grabbed my camera, and said "let's plant them."

Somewhere in this grass is a dozen popcorn kernels.

I'm quite certain there will be hell to pay in a few days when he inquires about why his popcorn kernels aren't growing into popcorn. I'll break it to him then that those kernels aren't going to make him a yard full of popcorn.

Until then, I'll smiled when I notice popcorn kernels scattered throughout the front yard. I'll think about how excited he was when he got his idea. I'll remember the simplicity of being a kid. When throwing popcorn kernels in the yard in hopes that they'll grow massive amounts of popcorn was just as exciting as Christmas morning.