Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Magic Of The First Snowfall

When the minis saw the snow falling yesterday, they couldn't wait to get out in it. We had gotten a light dusting of snow at the beginning of the week and they were sooo anxious to see it that I brought a bowl of snow inside for them to examine ( Yesterday we bundled up and the kids ran around in the freshly falling snow for an hour before dinner.

I love seeing my kids get so excited for the simple things life brings. It makes these moments magical to witness.

 Snow angels.

Harrison didn't want to wear gloves so I let him play without them. When he felt how cold the snow was (apparently he forgot from last year???) he begged for gloves. I hardly think I'll have issues getting him to wear his hat and gloves the rest of the winter!

Sliding in the snow was slippery fun!

Hubs tried cleaning off the top of the swing set, but it back fired and covered him in snow. This wins for funniest moment of the evening.

Some of the summer toys forgot to get put away (and by forgot I mean, it got too cold out and I didn't want to go out and put them away). Not a problem though because Harrison was all too happy to "go swimming in snow!"
I didn't stay out long before I came inside and happily watched from my warm doorway as the minis ran around the backyard. One of my favorite parts of playing in the snow when I was little, was coming in and getting warm (usually by taking a hot bath) and drinking hot chocolate. My minis did just that....and gave us lots of post-snow playing snuggles.

Now that it's snowed, the minis want to know, "when can we go sledding???!!?"