Saturday, November 1, 2014

Daycare Halloween Party

We had our daycare Halloween party on Halloween this year. Often times I choose to do it the day I have the most children, but schedules prevented that. I thought I was a genius when I left all of the Pre-Trick or Treat Party ( activities out for the daycare Halloween party. However, the weather unexpectedly turned frigidly cold and none of the kids wanted to go outside to have their party. So I brought several of the activities inside for them to enjoy.

We played Pumpkin Ring Toss and Pumpkin Toss in the living room.

They played "Pasta Restaurant" with orange and black spaghetti. The kids loved this because the noodles were frozen from the night before (again, I didn't know it was suppose to get so cold when I decided to leave everything outside for the night). As they played with the noodles, they began to un-thaw. The noodles wound up all over the kitchen, but the kids had a great time playing with them.

The kids colored pumpkin pictures.

The kid's favorite activity: bobbing for apples in the bathroom. They wouldn't actually stick their faces in to grab the apples, but they would inch their face close to the water, exclaim "I got one!" and swipe their hand in to grab one.
When the kids were done bobbing for apples, the cats seems pleased with the giant water bowl sitting out for them.
I had to show them how it was done.

Lunch was deli sandwiches, chips, pumpkin poops (carrots), and witches fingers (celery).
The kids got a very special after lunch treat of Halloween cupcakes and cookies.
Afternoon snack was brains (green jello and gummi worms) and apple cider.
We spent an hour reading all of the Halloween books one last time.

I was a bit a disappointed that going in the backyard to do the Halloween activities didn't work out because they would have loved the haunted playhouse, pumpkin "sand," and ball pit. I was more disappointed that I had a lot of cleaning to do both inside and outside! Overall, a fun Halloween party for the kiddos, just a lot more work for me!