Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Tree Christmas Lists

Since Halloween ended, the kids have been telling me what they want for Christmas. Even as we spoke extensively about the importance of Thanksgiving, the kids have been waiting for the Christmas season to begin (which in our house DOES NOT begin until the day after Thanksgiving). I surprised the kiddos the day before Thanksgiving when I said "today we're going to make our Christmas lists on Christmas trees."

It was a fairly simple and mess free project. I drew large Christmas trees on green poster board (found at Target for .69 a piece. I was able to draw two large trees on each piece of poster board), circles on construction paper, and stars on yellow paper. I had the kids cut out their trees (I had a to help a few of the kids), the circles, and their star. When everything was cut out, we glued the circles to the tree and taped the star to the top of the tree.

Once everything was dried, I had the kids tell me what they wanted for Christmas. A few of my favorites: "my very own Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus who can sleep in my closet," "a machine" (when I inquired what kind of machine, I was told "just a machine. You know the one."), and "a shark that won't bite me all the way."

This was a cute, fun, and simple way for the kids to write out their Christmas lists. It was a great project to have the three and four year olds practice their cutting skills and was hilarious for me to hear what the kids really wanted for Christmas! We may bypass the regular, plain ole' Christmas lists next year and do these instead.