Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week In Review: November 10 - November 14

The kids got to enjoy one last morning outside before our winter weather hit, made several turkey crafts, practiced their cutting skills, and examined the first dusting of snow of the season. Here's a brief look at our week:

Max picked out these project scissors from Michael's last week on our Max and Mommy Day ( The kids loved cutting with these during their crafting hours.
We broke out the fall stampers (found at Michael's) to use on pumpkin cut outs. They also colored and cut their pumpkins as well.

We spent a morning at the beginning of the week winterizing the backyard. We picked up all of the small toys and balls throughout the yard, put away the ride on toys, and put a few summer toys in the basement for a special day in winter.....usually for days when we're all going crazy from being inside for months!
The kids were most sad about saying goodbye to the cornbox, but they've greatly enjoyed watching the squirrels and birds eat the corn over the last couple of weeks.

Getting comfy reading books.

We tried a new recipe this week for dinner (vegetable beef soup). We'll be trying this out for lunch one day soon--perfect winter lunch on a cold day.

The kids made several turkey crafts this week that turned out super cute! Learn how to make your's here:

We got a dusting of snow at the beginning of the week. It was far too cold outside to take the kids out, so I brought some snow inside for them to examine and explore with after lunch. They noticed how snow was cold, it melts in your hand, when it melts it's wet, they tasted it, smelled it, and even tried to listen to it (just to be sure it wasn't whistling to them).

Being goofy in the doll pack n' play.....after I told her she's too big to be in there.

The youngest mini had a difficult time going to sleep this week, which means I had a helper every night writing blogs and getting activities ready for the next daycare day. It was interesting.

Popcorn and the one Thanksgiving movie on Netflix: "Free Birds." 

The kids LOVE Pumpkin "Snow" (use the following recipe, but use Pumpkin Pie Spice instead of Apple Spice: This round got rather messy when the kids made it "snow" all over the kitchen floor and then rolled in it. Thank goodness this stuff cleans up easily!

Spending our days indoors means the kids have a lot of pent up energy, so we "jumped out our crazies" for twenty solid minutes.
We ended the week in a party dress and waving to the garbage trucks. We go all out for our favorite day of the week!

Next week we'll be reading our newest Thanksgiving books, doing more Thanksgiving crafts, and playing some energy wasting games in the living room.