Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monday Review: December 30

A busy Monday requires it's own review....there's that and then there's the issue that I'll never remember what happened on Monday by the time Friday rolls around (especially with two days off in the middle of the week). Without further ado, here was our Monday:
Elizabeth really wanted a "piggy ride" so she hopped on big bro Maxie's back.
This girl sure knows how to bake: a heart shaped pan and whiskey.
The kids colored snowflakes with the boy's new neon and metallic marker pack. I've been really happy with Target's Up & Up brand art supplies. The markers wash out just as well as Crayola and they're quite a bit cheaper.
Paper plate snowman. Cut three paper plates, glue them together, have kids color them, pony beads used for eyes, nose, and buttons, and pipe cleaners for arms. Easy enough for a two year old to do and cute too!
Max reading "Hop On Pop" to the kids.
The kids LOVED these.

A surprise snowy day.
Cooked spaghetti sensory activity.
They "cooked" with it, smooshed it, and even ate a good deal of it. Some of the kids didn't want anything to do with it, but these four were entertained for almost 2 hours. The pasta left the kids with very sticky hands, faces, and clothes, but it washed easily.
There was just a slight mess.....
Easy clean up once I let the pasta dry out a bit.
The biggest hit of the day was the new Wheelies mat.

The rest of the week consists of New Year's celebrations, relaxing, a few more snowman and snowflake activities, new sensory activities, and we'll be breaking out the foam balance beam for a "gymnastics day."