Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week In Review December 2 - December 6

The week in pictures:

Christmas sensory bin-red and green rice (cinnamon and peppermint scented).
Coloring Christmas trees.
The boys painted Christmas decorations for the living room and their bedroom.
An indoor Snowball Fight bucket with soft "snowballs." I'm not too big on the kids throwing things at each other (for obvious reasons) so.....
Max came up with the game "throw the snowball in the bucket." The kids had a great time trying to toss their snowball in.
Christmas bells.
Cookie cutter paintings.
My counter is taken up by paintings! 
Christmas slime.
 Christmas pudding cups.
The kids helped make berry muffins for the next morning's breakfast.

A present cake for a daycare child's birthday.
First round of Christmas cookies.
Musical instruments and singing Christmas songs--it was a loud morning!
Dot Art Christmas trees.
Sponge painting with the grow capsules the kids did last week.
Christmas stampers.
Gingerbread men all decorated.
The Christmas books we read this week. The kids and I have started something new this year where we read one new Christmas book every day in December. The kids LOVED going through their books and picking out all of the Christmas books.
Elizabeth's accomplishment for the week: climbing into the doll bed and playing "baby."

Next week's agenda consists of foam Christmas shapes and stickers, coloring paper Christmas shapes, decorating Christmas trees, painting, baking and decorating Christmas cookies, and more!