Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Bit of Christmas Joy in Jammies

Nothing better than 3 minis in Christmas jammies.

Christmas jammas (as we sometimes call them) are a tradition. The kids get them Thanksgiving Day from either me or my mom (my mom has done it the past several years). This year, they got jammies with iron on letters. From left to right, we have Harrison, Max, and Bup on the front and Lily on the back!
Harrison.....I voted to put H Dawg on his jammies, but that got vetoed.
Lily (on the back) and Bup (on the front side). 
 The evening would not be complete without wrestling and jumping on daddy.
 Wrestle time! It's apparent she has big brother's when she does things like this! Of course, the night would not be really complete without some kind of mouth injury....H was the lucky one on Christmas jammies night. Hence the eating a cup of ice while sitting on dad's butt.

Of course, their Christmas jammies would not be complete without apple cider and reading Christmas books. I love that the minis are really getting into our Christmas family traditions this year and we're even creating new traditions. What are your family's Christmas traditions?