Sunday, December 29, 2013

Just the Weekend We Needed

After six Christmas's, we needed some relaxation this weekend and that's pretty much what we got. Saturday morning we had a playdate with friends (and much needed mommy talk for myself), which was followed up by long naps, a family dinner night out, and a few errands rounded out our day.

Silly faces with friends! Seeing these girls was definitely a post-holiday thrill for these boys.
Family dinner night.
While we waited for our food, Harrison practiced his winking skills for the girls sitting behind us. This is how he winks apparently.

Saturday evening the hubs and I had our weekly date/movie night in. We drank tea (we're huge partiers these days) and watched "Craigslist Joe." I've been into watching documentaries lately and this was the Saturday night "movie" of choice. It was very entertaining documentary and definitely recommended. Next up on the documentary list is a 6 part series on National Parks.

Sunday morning was.....well, freezing cold. We put away Christmas decorations, organized, cleaned, planned, watched football, cooked, napped, had a dance party, hair cuts for the boys, and played games. Perfect winter Sunday.
Elizabeth nabbed Harrison's sunglasses and put them on her doll.
New living room wall picture.
My biggest project for the day: cleaning the boy's room. Before I started cleaning, you couldn't even see their floor let along walk in their room.
My winter project: decorate this wall. I plan on blowing up and framing some of their art work for this wall.
This is the dresser we bought for Max's nursery. We searched and searched for the "perfect" dresser and I couldn't find one I was happy with the quality and price. We happened upon this dresser on a random "lets see what they have" trip to Goodwill and paid a grand total of $30 for this solid oak dresser. Still one of my favorite pieces of furniture we own--this dresser has the deepest drawers I've ever seen and can hold so many clothes it's amazing.
Max discovered he could easily climb the playhouse....
and of course Bup wanted a turn too.
Trying out their new spin art.
Hair cuts in the summer are so much easier than winter haircuts! In the summer we do them outside on our back patio--much easier to clean up than when their done in the bathroom!
Tried a new recipe for dinner. Spicy, flavorful, creamy, and the minis loved it. Recipe can be found here:
Playing with the new Wheelies mat.
The minis in their new jammies they got for Christmas.

This weekend was so nice and relaxing that I'm hopeful for much of the same for next weekend.