Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Slime

The kids here LOVE to play with anything sticky, gooey, and a tad messy. Add some smells to it and it's all the more fun. So, we made Christmas slime....

Slime Recipe:

1 bottle of glue (I use school glue because it washed out of clothing and hair the easiest)
1 cup of liquid starch

Add in food coloring and any scents, or "smells" as the kids say, you want. For the green we used peppermint extract and for the red we used cinnamon. Mix together with your hands and instant slime. You may need to work it a bit for the wetness feel from the liquid starch to go away. Keep stored in plastic baggies or a container with an air tight lid. I find that it's great stored up to a week. Anything more than that the slime gets too tough. Please note, that this WILL stick to clothes, hair, carpet, and such. Soak in cold water (or a cold, wet cloth on the carpet) and you'll be able to peel it off. If it is stuck on clothes, DO NOT try to wash the article of clothing before peeling the slime off. It will ruin the shirt.......I will not confirm nor deny I'm speaking from experience.

This is a very simple recipe that can be made for any season, holiday, or special occasion. I would not recommend it for children younger than 3 years old unless completely supervised.

Have an icky sticky gooey good time with your Christmas Slime!