Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Egg Carton Christmas Bells

Christmas time means jingle bells and there's nothing more that kids like doing that ringing a bell. Ringing it over and over again until my own ears are ringing in annoyance. Anyways, I was going through our craft supplies and realized I had TONS of unused egg cartons just waiting for that perfect craft project. The kids have done the caterpillar egg cartons twice since spring and I was looking to do something that went with Christmas.
That's when I got the idea for "Christmas Bells." I purchase a pack of jingle bells from Dollar Tree (these came with string to hang them) in red and gold. I cut out the egg shells from the carton and had the kids paint them. Once the egg shell cartons had dried, I poked a hole through the top, put the string through the bell and out of the top of the egg shell. Viola! A Christmas Bell!
The kids loved their Christmas Bells plus the egg shell carton over it drowns out some of those jingles. This makes for a happy mama/daycare provider and happy jingling children.

The kids' bells all painted and put together. The kids did not help with the assembly of the bells and covers, but did watch me. Any sharp, pokey object is fine to use for the whole in the top.
Once completed, the kids rang their Christmas Bells while dancing and singing Jingle Bells.