Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mid-Week Review: December 9 - December 11

Quite a busy week here which requires a mid-week update/review.....mainly so I'll remember otherwise by the time the weekend rolls around I totally won't feel like reviewing it.

Started our week with complaints about what I made for breakfast, so Miss E took matters into her own hands by walking into the kitchen, grabbing a box of Chex cereal and digging in (she removed the package and threw the box in the trash telling me she was "all done it").
Coloring paper Christmas shapes (the trees and reindeers are packages from Michael's, the gingerbread man I traced with a cookie cutter).
My minis colored these last week and wanted to share them with the other kids. They've enjoyed singing and dancing with them, making them talk to each other in silly voices, but mainly they've enjoyed chasing each other with them.
Hand prints with Crayola Model Magic.
The kids were thrilled to have "Merry Christmas pasta!" for lunch.
New Christmas jammies.
Spaghetti brush painting.
 Great hand/eye coordination activity for toddlers!

 Doing jumping jacks and other exercises before lunch.
 Max had his very first Winter Program Tuesday evening
 The two littlest minis distracted by Max walking away to join his class.

 Max did such a great job that we treated the minis to Cherry Berry afterwards.


Not too sure about this snow stuff....
Salt, flour, and water hand print ornaments.
Foam stickers.
Sugar cookie decorating.

Beautifully decorated!
Somebody apparently enjoyed some frosting during decorating...
Not as big of a mess as there's been before!

Spreading some holiday cheer at the kid's peds office tomorrow. I told the kids to think of people that have been helpful to us throughout the year and we need to do something nice for them. This is their first pick.
The Christmas books we've read so far.

Two more days of crazy fun to come!