Monday, December 16, 2013

Lets Talk About This Weekend

This weekend was unlike any weekend in recent history for us. Not because it was sooo fantastically fun. No, no, no, no, no. It was because it was soooo fantastically NOT fun. Saturday was borderline horrible. I was really looking forward to having a relaxing weekend at home, organizing and making room for all of those new toys that will be making their way into our house next week, taking naps, baking, playing games with the kids, and just enjoying being at home just myself and the minis. However, this weekend was anything but like the weekend I had pictured.

You know the day will not be starting out great when you realize in the shower (as my hubby did) that we're out of soap. How does one run out of the all important soap?? Well, it's fairly easy when the minis enjoy pretending that the bar soap is "a fish in the sea" every night of the week. Also, they think it takes an entire 16 oz. bottle of baby wash to get clean. We go through soap like water in this house. The day just got "better" from there.....

My kids could not stop fighting, screaming, and acted like I've never uttered the phrase "keep your hands to yourself." There were snotty noses and coughs making it worse.

Harrison tried to climb a bookshelf at Barnes and Noble, Max told people I never took them to book stores to look at books, Elizabeth threw a screaming, laying on the floor tantrum at Kohl's, Christmas lights suck this year making for complaining kids while we tried to "look," and I had horrible luck trying to find the items left on family members Christmas lists.

Sunday brought handsy handsy kids I mean minis who won't stop touching each other and irritating on another. We did manage a few more laughs and smiles than Saturday though. Here are a few "highlights" from the weekend:

Watching "Smurfs 2"
Coloring and breakfast
Another round of sugar cookies.
Bup trying to eat the sprinkles off of her cookie.
Visiting Aunt Jenny at Barnes and Noble for Everybody Wins Iowa.
Apparently Lego books should have been on their Christmas list.
About two minutes before Elizabeth's tantrum....all because I wouldn't buy her this $50 toy laptop.
We went to pick up Matt at work and found him helping the UPS driver load boxes upon boxes.
Taking a break from shopping and riding the train yet again.
Sunday morning and making Christmas jello.
Coloring "Christmas pictures."
Decorating cookies with Grandma and Grandpa Harmeyer and Aunt Jenny.
Bup decorated cookies too. As long as the paci was in there was no eating the frosting. 

Making a gingerbread house with daddy.

Ending the weekend eating the Christmas Jello.

I'm holding my breath for my four day, nearly 60 hour week with kiddos, hubby working the same amount of hours, Christmas programs, and more. Hopefully a three day weekend starting next Friday will be just what we need to rejuvenate for our busy and fun Christmas coming up in a week and a half!