Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Before Christmas

It was a three day weekend right before Christmas, all plans were ruined when the Iowa weather hit......pretty typical for December. I had been looking forward since October (when I had to miss Harrison's Halloween Concert due to a sick mini) to go to Harrison's Winter Program Friday morning, but the icey roads meant school was cancelled. So instead we went to Wal-Mart to get a new star for our tree, finished decorating the tree, took longs naps, and had a 50 minute adventure picking up Max from school (never again am I picking him up with the two youngest minis in tow!).

Saturday was spent doing some last minute shopping and getting things in order, making homemade raspberry fudge, and watching Christmas movies. Sunday morning I finally got around to wrapping a few presents, the 5 of us all shoveled the 6 inches of snow that fell Saturday night, made snow angels, and had our first of five family Christmas's Sunday night.

Max had a 2 hour school delay Friday morning due to the ice. He spent his morning teaching his siblings about the different seasons and drew pictures about what everyone's favorite seasons were. He also took it upon himself to hang them on the wall.
The red sleigh was made by my Grandpa Brownie and sits under our tree with mini-presents in it. Harrison took all of the presents out and put a Little People Santa in it because "Santa goes in the sleigh mom!"
A red and green bath just for Christmas time.
Our sweet, crazy, bossy girl in front of the Christmas tree.
Crazy here wouldn't go to sleep Saturday night. She's also been climbing A LOT lately. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the living room to discover her standing pantless on top of the train table.
Our shopping excursion at the mall included huge buttered pretzels for the kids.
Max wrote a Christmas list to Santa Saturday morning.
Dropping there letters in so they can get presents.
After shopping Saturday morning, Elizabeth and I went home for her nap and Matt and the boys ran errands. For some reason, looking at the lobsters in the tank at Hy-Vee is their "treat" for being good!
M & M cake I made for our Sheaffer family Christmas.
Elizabeth trying to "help" with the shoveling Sunday morning. All 5 of us were outside to help with the shoveling, but only Matt and Max did majority of the shoveling work.
Snow angels.
Harrison and Elizabeth got cold and tired from being outside. They came in and ate snacks and read books by the front door while they waiting for "Daddy and Maxie to come in."
I had to get a picture when I hear "step on my back again Max. Do it harder." This is one of those times when I shake my head and wonder 'why???'
The first present of this Christmas season was opened by Bup. The kids were sooo beyond excited!
There are no words for this picture, other than this just shows what our daily life is like!

It was nice to have a laid back, accomplishing weekend before the holidays arrive. Monday will be a daycare day with more Christmas activities and games planned, three days off, and another daycare day. We'll see how thrown off I am by this odd schedule! Happy Holidays!