Sunday, December 15, 2013

End of the Week Review: December 12 & 13

Thursday and Friday around here went something like this:

Elizabeth got extremely irritated because her doll wouldn't take her paci in it's mouth...
Window colorings for the holidays. 
Bup and daddy on their way to her 18 month check up and to spread a little holiday cheer at the very busy peds office!
The kids did their own Christmas drawings in the big window for all to see. 
Painting Christmas sun catchers. I have the kids use Crayola washable kids paint. It flakes off, but I learned the hard way that the paint that comes with the sun catchers is not washable. 
This is what the paint tray looks like when the kids are done.
All dry!
Foam stickers. Love these things as it's easy clean up, good for all ages, great hand eye coordination activity, plus it keeps the kids busy. 
"Look mom! I drew a Lego guy!"
Thursday night the minis and I went to Jingle in the Junction with my mom and sister. It was cold and I wasn't a big fan of the fact that they didn't block 5th Street off from traffic, but all in all it was a fun time!
Getting special balloons. Max got Batman, H got Spiderman, and Miss E got an Elf hat!
The boys and their cool balloons! Miraculously, none of them popped!
Bup didn't exactly enjoy wearing her elf hat.
Me and my minis seeing their 6th Santa for the season! 
Painted reindeer.
Colored paper stocking shapes.
Colored wooden Santa's. I usually have them paint these but lately I've been having them use markers.
The kids got to do Christmas stickers. Elizabeth promptly took her's off and put them on her doll. Also, notice the red marker ALL over her left hand. Instead of coloring her Santa and stocking, she colored her entire hand and arm and told me "oh pretty."
The kid's Friday afternoon project.
I had them glue the pieces of paper to the tree shape (we use glue sticks here as it's much less of a mess than regular glue!) and then they glued on the Poms for "Christmas ornaments."
Turned out pretty cute! Not all of the kids wanted to do this activity since the glue was "too sticky" and the 2 and younger crowd didn't do one for fear of them eating the glue stick.....not that that's happened before or anything....
Sophia trying desperately to get off the Poms. They're her favorite toy to bat around so she was thoroughly confused when the kids were using them!
Max buried in the stuffed animals.
Our Friday night went something like this: minis with colds, dinner, baths, crying, bed. Max fell asleep instantly (hence this picture), but the younger two.....
Playing around a bit. Elizabeth REALLY wants to sleep with the boys in their room. When she goes in with us to tell them goodnight (right before we take her to her room for bed) she instantly gets into bed with one of them and tries to "sleep." All I can say is, these two are big trouble together!