Friday, April 3, 2015

The Weekend Before The Surgery

 Monday morning our oldest had a tonsillectomy, so we wanted to have a lot of fun the weekend before with him since his recovery is two weeks long. We had early Easter celebrations, did some spring cleaning (he wasn't so thrilled about this one even though it was his room!), family movie, brunch at a local restaurant, a trip to the Science Center of Iowa, and a big cook out (his food choices). Here's a quick look at our weekend:

 Friday night we had plans to head to Family Night at Skate West and go rollerskating. However, these two lost the chance to go due to bad behavior. The middle mini went to a friend's birthday party, while Max and Elizabeth stayed home, created their own fun, and went to bed early.

 Little Miss E got her first hair cut early Saturday morning. She did great (better than both of her older brother's do NOW!) and is incredibly proud of her new do!

 We made a stop at Beaverdale Confections for Easter basket goodies. So many delicious and adorable choices of chocolates, candies, caramels, and more.

 Elizabeth couldn't wait until Easter to try out some chocolate. As soon as she spied the bag she begged for chocolate!

 Since we didn't know how Max (tonsillectomy boy) would be feeling Easter weekend, we celebrated Easter early. The kids had another Easter egg hunt, a big lunch of turkey and mashed potatoes, and even got to fly their small Superman kite in the front yard of Grandma and Grandpa's house.

 Sunday we started our day with spring cleaning and finished rearranging the boy's room. Then we took the kids to brunch and to the Science Center of Iowa.

 We took the kids to Court Avenue Brewing Company for brunch. It had been years since I've been there. We had the only kids in the entire restaurant, but it was kids friendly and had Twisty Twigs for the minis to play with while we waited for food. The highlight of the meal for me: my Starburst martini that I couldn't pass up when I saw it on the menu!

 My favorite part of our meal was when the boys got into an argument about the game Rock, Paper, Scissors. Harrison (the middle child) insisted to Max that the name of the game was Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe. When asked what the hand symbol for shoe was, Harrison replied "I'll tell you when you make it." Big H also attempted to place the rule that anytime anyone did shoe he would win....but we still had no idea how to make shoe! Entertaining and he had his big brother nearly in tears.

 After our lunch, we walked over to the Science Center, took in their Fire Works show, and saw the dinosaur exhibit one last time before it leaves.

We ended our weekend with a meal from the grill that Max requested since he will be on a soft foods only diet for 10 days. I'm pretty disappointed that we didn't get to go roller skating, but discipline and following through won out. Once Max is back on his feet and cleared, we'll attempt to make it to family skate night again.