Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Weekend Outdoors

After keeping things low key Easter weekend (read more on our 4 day weekend here) because of Max's tonsillectomy (read more on that here), the kids were more than ready to get out and about and adventuring this weekend. Saturday was our day to play!

We went to Jester Park and went hiking, saw the tanks on our way home at Camp Dodge, went to the zoo, sat on a patio and enjoyed an early dinner (and drinks for Hubs and me), ice cream at Snookies, and ended the day with a family game night. It was eight straight hours of go, go, go and fun, fun, fun--minus the few tears when someone didn't get their way.

 We hiked a couple of miles on our favorite trail at Jester Park. As you can tell from the picture below, Max was ecstatic to be able to run through the trail.

 The kids stopped to pick wildflowers along the trail.

 Racing on their favorite bridge.

 The tanks and plane at Camp Dodge provided lines such as:

Elizabeth: "I'm going to fly it. Tomorrow."
Harrison and Max: "We're going into battle!"

 We got to the zoo an hour before closing time. I have always said that the best time to go to the zoo was at opening time, but closing time proved just as entertaining and with just as many active animals! We got to see trainers working with the animals, putting them into their cages for the night, feeding them, and an impromptu sea lion show. It may have been a quick trip to the zoo, but one of our best visits yet.

 Hooray for the first train ride of the season! Elizabeth clapped her hands the entire ride.

 Hubs and I had a much needed drink on El Rodeo's patio while the kids ate chips and salsa. It was the best late afternoon treat!

 We went to Snookies for the first time this year! I love sharing my childhood favorites with my minis.

We got this Find It game at the zoo and we've had a blast playing it. We broke it out during dinner on the patio. The kids enjoyed it so much that after ice cream, we settled in and played the game for another 45 minutes.
Since we spent Saturday playing, Sunday was our errand/chore day, although it wasn't without it's fun (check out the Kidsperts Facebook page for pictures). The minis got in some play time with the basketball hoop and we ended our weekend with a large family dinner from the grill (thanks to the Hubs for spending his Sunday afternoons/evenings being our grill master)! 
After Saturday's like the one we had, it's a reminder that the minis are getting older. Last summer we never would have been able to go, go, go like that. Since naps are few and far between for the youngest mini (and pretty much non-existent for the boys), it's looking like days like Saturday's will be the norm this summer. This means three things: 1.) I'd better lose weight with all this running around! 2.) LOTS of fun adventures to be had. 3.) LOTS more caffeine to be consumed!