Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week In Review: April 20 - April 24

The kids had a really fun week celebrating Earth Day, getting the bounce house out for the first time this year, and getting in a lot of imagination time. Here's a look at our fun week:

 We started the week with homemade cinnamon pancakes. I've found the best way to start a daycare week is with one of the kid's favorite breakfasts!

 Every day I write out progress sheets for the daycare kids. One day I got caught up on the sheets while the kids ate lunch. During lunch they were talking about the Easter Bunny. Then they requested that I write out a schedule for the E.B. So I obliged and (with the kid's help) the above note is what I got. It kept the kids laughing the rest of the day.

 The kids had a great time celebrating Earth Day. Read more about the day's activities here.

 A middle of the week family selfie. These rarely happen, but the Hubs has a new schedule at work that allows him to spend quite a few evenings at home now. We're all adjusting to this new schedule and enjoying the extra family time too.

 I required a pick me up mid week. Our local coffee shop Grounds For Celebration came through with a strawberry pastry and an iced mocha.

 We got out our Little Tikes Bounce House for the first time this season. It still had leaves in it from the fall, but a long jumping session was just what was needed on this chilly week. My favorite moment was when I asked the kids to sit down so I could take a picture. They all sat in the opposite direction of where I asked.

 The kids loved making faces with foam stickers. The kids also had a great time making door hangers and rings using geometric foam stickers. I found all of this at Michael's Craft store.

 I hit the jackpot in the Target Dollar Spot on night. I found these paper dolls for the kids to play with. This was the first time any of the kids had ever played (or heard of) paper dolls. It took them a minute to figure them out and they were a bit disappointed when they discovered the "dolls don't really do much," but had a good time regardless.

The kids loved watching the squirrels, rabbits, and birds eat from the tray of bird seed that had been our sensory activity the day before.

 At the beginning of the week I brought up several Little People toys that hadn't been played with in a while. At the end of the week, I brought up ALL of the Little People toys we own. We had Wheelie World and L.P. Town.

My favorite part of the week was listening to the kids play. We ended the week on a high note with the kids getting along great, playing together great, and being VERY imaginative and making their own fun. It was music to my ears.
Next week we'll hopefully get some more outside time in, do a few crafts, and start prepping for our busy summer that is just a few weeks away!