Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week In Review: April 6 - April 10

 It was a rainy and wet week. We spent our week indoors and took the opportunity to talk about the weather, the season of spring, and how rain helps things grow. The biggest highlight of the week came on Thursday morning when a quick thunderstorm rolled through. The kids all rushed to the front door "to see the thunder!"
Being cooped up inside, we had a lot of crafts, activities, songs, and dance parties to keep us entertained. Here's a look at some of our fun:

 The kids loved playing with the Kinetic Sand in the sensory table (which was set up in the kitchen all week).

 The kids painted wooden flower shapes (found at Michael's for .34 cents a piece). These are great as window decorations or to stick a magnet on the back and display on the refrigerator.

 We dedicated a day for Rainy Day Crafts. See their creations here.

 The kids spent an afternoon (3+ hours for a few of the kids!) playing with Play Doh. They got incredibly creative and made birthday cakes, marshmallows, hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course), hot fudge sundae (with a cherry on top), and cherries. I've never been a fan of all of the Play Doh sets, but I've been conned into them in recent months and I can't say I'm totally against them now. Even my almost seven year old loves the sets!

 The kids got some energy out with a Gym Day in the living room. Jumping on the trampoline, setting up obstacle courses with the gym blocks, and even turning the blocks into a race track. Great way to burned some energy and exercise and no one got hurt. Big bonuses there!

 Looking out the window "to see the thunder!" They were so excited until I explained to them (again) that we wouldn't be able to see it.

I went through some of my craft supplies and found packets of coloring shapes. I have no idea where I got them or when (at some point in the last four years), but the kids spoke about how they loved warm weather and wearing flip flops while they colored. One of my favorite things is listening in on their conversations while they color! 

 The kids built some impressive structures with the Duplos. Bonus because they all worked together to build things instead of fighting over who got the pink Lego or someone was building something "cooler than mine!" Great lesson on communicating, working together,  and problem solving.

 The kids got really creative with their paper plate birds!

The dress up clothes were a highlight of the week, however this is how my living room looked at the end of the day.
Next week we'll be getting in some outside time (if the weather cooperates) and tying in our talks about how rain helps things grow by planting and growing our own herbs.