Thursday, January 22, 2015

While Mom Was Away

While I was away in Arizona for 4 1/2 days (, the Hubs was in charge of things. Luckily, he had plenty of things to do to keep the three minis busy while I was gone.

Harrison had his Penguin Olympics at school. Elizabeth threw a typical tantrum.

I asked for pictures of the kids. This is what the Hubs sent me via Facebook. 

 Apparently Max's school Family Movie Night went less than stellar thanks to this Lil handful. Again, typical.
Luckily Grandma Sheaffer was around for a good hair comb through and styling.

When Hubs finally sent me a pic to show everyone was alive and well (otherwise known as a Proof of Life pic), this is what I was treated to.

Meal pictures. Otherwise referred to as proof that Hubs fed them.

They attended their friend's gymnastics birthday party. This was the highlight while I was gone and what I heard about the most upon my return.

The second thing I heard all about: the cupcakes they made for Grandpa Sheaffer's birthday party.
Singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa. They got to take him out to lunch as well on his actual birthday since they didn't have school.
My surprise at the airport: the three minis, alive and happy (although rather tired) with flowers and a card.

I'm pleased there were no emergencies (none that I was made aware of at least), Hubs actually managed to semi-do our daughter's hair, and everyone was happy.....all this means is that I'm able to take more Mom Breaks in the future.