Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week In Review: January 21 - January 23

Another short daycare week (due to my Arizona Mom Break: http://ashlen-kidspert.blogspot.com/2015/01/arizona-mom-break.html) full of activities. Take a look at our Wednesday - Friday week:

We had a "Frozen" Day: "Frozen" coloring pages, figurines, dolls, dress up clothes, play dough, Jelly Beans, and of course watching the movie and dancing to the music. Even the boys had a lot of fun with it!
We used up the last of the snowflake cut outs and painted them.
Blue and clear water beads. In the morning we played with them regularly and we froze them in the afternoon. The kids had a blast breaking through the "ice" (frozen water beads) with the "Frozen" figurines. They loved this so much that we did this activity the rest of the week.

I'm usually not a big fan of the Play Doh sets that can be quite costly, but this Play-Doh Disney Frozen Sparkle Snow Dome Set with Elsa and Anna was played with enough that I got my money's worth! I did make my own play dough to go with it so the kids had lots of options.

The kids got creative with Legos.
We started in on some of our Valentine crafts. First up was heart popsicle sticks.
The kids created their own movie theater, then requested a movie on to get the full effect.
Elizabeth held her own storytime for the kids. No one seemed to notice she wasn't actually reading the books.
Valentine painting pages.
The kids painted paper plates and turned them into heart hats.
Decorate your own pop star. Found at Michael's. I could have done without these, but the kids loved them.
The kids absolutely love these things. We ran out of time to use them for sponge painting once they were grown and dried, but that went on the schedule for next week.

I could really get use to these three day daycare weeks, but we get right back into our regular schedule. We'll be continuing with our Valentine's Day theme for the next couple of weeks and finishing up our winter themes by the end of February.