Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Semi-Lazy Weekend of Firsts


Much like the title says, we had a semi-lazy weekend with a couple of new experiences for the minis. We went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's Saturday evening. It was the minis first time there and they had a blast! Sunday afternoon we took the minis to their first Iowa Energy game. Both were great winter time activities and made the weekend great.
I haven't been the best about remembering to take pictures lately, but here's what I got from the weekend:

Friday nights are usually my working nights: I write, do book work, work on promotions for my book, etc. Friday night I wrote my most successful blog post yet and got fantastic feedback on my writing. I love writing posts like this.

Read the post here:

A chocolate donut doesn't require hand washing, it requires hand licking! According to the two year old at least.

The kids burned some energy at Chuck E Cheese's!

The minis had a hard time rolling the ball and not throwing it while playing Skeeball. I took over Skeeball playing for the rest of the night.

The craziest racing driver is a curly haired two year old, 26 lb. girl!
One of my favorite moments from the weekend: we were all helping Max with his 100th day of school project when Elizabeth reminded us all "no throw up on Max's stuff." Apparently Elizabeth feels we all have a problem with "throw up everywhere." Thankfully the project got completed with no one getting sick.
This is what happens when Elizabeth doesn't take a nap before heading out for afternoon fun: she tries to sleep while daddy carries her through the skywalk. She's trying her hardest to close her eyes and rest.
At the Iowa Energy basketball game! This is the first time we've been to an Energy basketball game. The kids didn't have quite as much fun at the basketball game as they did at the Iowa Wild hockey game ( ) but concession stand treats kept them busy for most of the game.
Elizabeth's favorite parts of the game: mascot Surge and clapping for the players as they came out onto the court.

Des Moines friends: if you haven't checked out an Iowa Energy and/or an Iowa Wild game this year, I recommend putting it on your To Do List! It was a great winter time activity for the minis and they were able to run around the skywalk before and after the game.

Next weekend we'll be doing quite a bit of cleaning and purging since it hasn't been done since before Christmas. The minis's rooms are looking rather scary....that is if you can even manage to get past the door!