Friday, January 9, 2015

Snow Day 2015

Technically, it wasn't snow that canceled school, but the frigid temps. So we'll call this day A Cold Snow Day 2015 (we got 6 inches of snow the day before so a snow day can still be accurate). We spent our day in the warmth of the house doing numerous snow centered activities.

We began our day with "snow" pancake muffins dipped in syrup.
It was much too cold to go outside to play in the snow, so we brought the snow inside. The kids "painted" the snow with Kool Aid "paint" (it was only water and about half of a Kool Aid packet). They even sampled some of their paintings!
Cherry was the favorite flavor, while orange was apparently quite sour--I never tried any so I cannot verify this in the least!

Snowman puppets. I set out glue, crayons, buttons, beads, googly eyes, foam circles, and yarn and let the kids create their own puppets (I had to help a couple of the younger kids control the glue). I had hoped for the kids to perform a show with their puppets after naps/rest times, but they used far too much glue for the puppets didn't dry in time.

Surprise snowball experiments: I used baking soda and water to form "snowballs" around a polar bear pencil topper and put the snowballs in the freezer for about a half hour. Then I gave the kids vinegar (dyed blue) and toothbrushes and they began their fizzy tasks of getting their surprise out.

The kids painted snowstorm pictures using a mixture of shaving cream, glue, and glitter.
Last year's snow day ended with Max getting a corneal abrasion from the edge of their box fort ( This year it ended with the boys dressing as princesses and coloring on themselves with red crayon.

I've got a few other activities I'm holding onto just in case mother nature gives us Snow Day #2 2015.