Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gap Is Crack

Gap is like my crack. Their clothes fit my body type, in any condition it may be in, just perfectly. Their online store carries Talls. Talls people! This means long sleeve shirts aren't too short. I can actually wear my sleeves all the way down instead of pushing them up to accommodate the fact that my long sleeves are 3/4 length on my long arms. I can risk my pants shrinking in the wash because they're actually long enough.

Their jeans are above and beyond perfect. I'm partial to the Long and Lean style and have been my go-to since high school. It's been 16 years since my infatuation with Gap merchandise began and it's not letting up anytime soon.

Case in point: I needed a dress for my cousin's upcoming wedding. I tried several fancy stores for a posh little number.  Couldn't find a single thing I was happy with. On a whim I walked into Gap. Practically the entire store is 60% off because the retail world sees January 1st as an appropriate time to release their spring lines (this is another rant for another post).

Instantly, among the chaos of sales items, I found a rack of dresses and pick out the perfect black just my size. Fate. I turn to a wall of scarves and instantly a scarf that goes perfectly with the dress jumps out at me. The only thing that would make this better is if they had royal blue shoes to match the scarf. A sales associate nearby informs me they do have them online. FATE.

What's also fate? I picked out the only two items in the entire store that weren't on sale in the least. $100+ later we left Gap with my two items and a husband who tells me I don't get to walk into Gap anymore this month (he failed to say anything about online shopping though, so my new shirts should be here in three days).

Another fate: my daughter has inherited my Gap infatuation. She insisted on holding the bag with my dress and scarf, proudly informed people it was her "Gap bag," and screamed to go into BabyGap so she could get her own "Gap dress."

Three words to my husband: good luck dear!