Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend Schmeekend

"What rhymes with weekend?"

"Schmeekend!" replied my four and half year old Harrison, as we worked on rhyming words. This is how we began the last weekend of our Christmas break.

Friday night we went to Monkey Joe's (see for pictures), did some shopping, and went to bed later than usual. Saturday we celebrated my sister's (also known as Aunt Jenny) 25th birthday. Sunday we broke in our new Science Center pass. Sunday night we scrambled to get ready for the tiring 'back to school after break' week.

 Jenny was a good sport about having helpers with her gifts.

 We do homemade cards in our house. Max always has the best lines in his cards. This card centered around Ninja Turtles, even though I asked him to make a dog themed birthday card (my sister is obsessed with dogs and had a dog theme for her party).
Elizabeth loved singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles (on a cake that wasn't even hers!).

Of course we had to fit in shoe shopping and a Target trip. Elizabeth made sure my shoes fit just right for me.

My parents got us a family membership to the science center. If you have a family of four or more, this year pass is well worth the money and will providing us with entertainment on these brutal winter weekends. Check it out:
The minis had a great time at the latest dino exhibit.

One of the large turtles was swimming in it's tank and gave the minis an up close view of its belly. We watched him for quite a while.
Trying to figure out the green screen.

 We took in a show about electricity.

We finally talked the kids into going to the "dark stars" part of the science center (better known as the space and planet area). We even got them to see a show in the Star Theater.

 After looking back on the last few months of selfie taking (and how they really haven't improved), I've decided to challenge our family to a weekly selfie. Every weekend, we'll take a family selfie on one of our adventures. We typically do this anyway, but it's a great way to capture all of our fun family outings and have them documented in one place (which will be a blog at the end of 2015).

I'm not quite sure what we'll be doing next weekend, as I leave next week for five days in Phoenix (sans the Hubs and minis! Blog post to come soon on this topic), but you can bet we'll be doing a selfie at some point!